Staying optimistic, while living amongst negativity.

Every now and then we are encouraged to be positive and to remains optimistic, while facing negativity from the surroundings. Is it that easy to do that, is a big question mark?

Optimism is not simply thinking of positive thoughts, and trying to follow those thoughts. It be sheer betrayal to human functioning. Optimism means to deal with things in a positive manner,and thinking of ways that can pull you out from the negative and unpleasant situation.

People with optimism can deal with varied troubling situations, and stay focused on their goals. Zig zagging their way around pitfalls, seeing the lows yet remain intact from their inner self and have self assurance. They do not in any way deny the situation or the reality, but find a way out of it by dealing in a positive manner, rather than counting their short comings, and failures.

Do not let yourself to succumb to failures and mishaps that might happen in your journey to reach your goal. Stand up and pull yourself out of it in the best possible manner and stay on track. Things or people, that are negative, do not hold any meaning in your life, but teaches you to be more strong and resilient. Remember to distance yourself from such things and people, as they are no good.

So, whats stopping you now? Thinking to stay positive is not enough, act on it and surmount the obstacles, you are not far away from your goals.


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