Broken dream

I didn’t knew how far I would go to find you,
Yet i waited for you to come one day,
Believe is what i did, trusting you,
Lost in the flowery dream,
And i continued to dream on,
Knowing not what will come my way,
Holding your hand and dreamt some more.

Ahhh! Woken from my dream,
My eyes though opened soon enough,
Like a broken rose i bled for my petals,
Wishing for things to change,
Standing alone, not knowing where to go,
Ahhh!!! How could i forget dreams you spun for me,
Shattered!!!! As if it was a meaningless thing.

There wouldn’t be more to come,
Thinking one is enough to last for a lifetime,
Yet, i wanna hold your hand again,
Want to dream some more………


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