In the course of our life, we come across lots of hurdles. The way we deal with these obstacles define our present and shape our future.

Every one of us deal with these obstacles in a different manner, so approach them with speed ahead, while others give in, thinking that nothing can be done.

Well, i suggest that in order to have a better result, over come these obstacles intelligently, because they will change your life forever. Be it someones death, some serious illness, failure in some area, loss of love, etc are some of the examples I’m penning down here.

It is not important to define your plan of action till the very end, just think what is the best approach to deal with it in a positive manner, DONT THINK OF THE AVOIDANCE BEHAVIOR. Avoiding and running away from the situation will never benefit you.

Whatever must have happened, have a reason, deal in an effective manner. Learn from your mistakes, and experiences. Only cowards run away from situations. Make your self stronger, independent, and realistic. Set realistic goals that are achievable for you, and then work on it.

Obstacles in life do not mean to stop you in your life’s journey, rather treat them as motivation, and achieve your dreams. Start by focusing how these obstacles came in your way, was it your own mistake, misunderstanding, or your own failure and giving up attitude that brought you in the rough patch? Never blame others for what happened to you, you will be fair if you do so. Everyone of us is in-charge of ones life. So deal with your life in a wise manner. Choose your path, and zigzag around those hurdles, and day will come when you will smile and appreciate those hurdles, for what you are at that time.

Once you adjust your sails you will succeed in your goals, and would be having a more positive outlook on life. Hurdles, obstacles, blockers, make you more stronger, not weak, they push you to the limits sometimes, just to test, how strong willed you are.

“I never really worried about those hurdles. They were just standing there, and I was always zooming past them just to get back on the ground again.”
-Rodney Milburn.

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