A very famous saying, indeed holds great meaning and define how we utilize our time. “How one spends time?” is of concern in analyzing ones personality.

Engaging in chat regarding different people in life is a complete waste of time, and is completely meaningless. Remember here that this is different from inquiring ones health, get to know someone, and thinking of someone. Here we are talking about aimless talk, backbiting and multiple other things that come in such reference. My experiences with people holds this saying as true.

Discussing someone or something happened to someone, and analyzing the event, is not fruitful, you will definitely be burdening your mind with all the unwanted things. You don’t feel fresh and alive, rather have a gloomy persona. Sometimes these things make you feel sad and even depressed. Talking about other people do not make you a concerned person, and you cannot be labeled as, one who loves other people. Love has nothing to do with it.

It is better to think up of ideas which inspires you and lift you to new heights. It is only because of these ideas you progress and pursue your dreams. Attract others with your inspiring personality, from which people get benefit and can generate ideas of their own.

Once you think this out, you will certainly understand the meaning this saying is trying to convey. Inspire and fascinate others with your positive personality, have a bigger vision, and drop off that narrow mindedness.


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