“First chapter in book of success, is commitment”.

A very good saying, to which i truly agree. Commitment to anything leads to success, as you are motivated, and enthusiastic to accomplish it. Commitment ignites action, by committing yourself to a certain goal, you unconsciously motivates yourself to accomplish it, regardless of the hurdles you have to face.

Commitment in professional and personal life is considered as a building block, on which you can build a long lasting achievement. As you have a positive mind set, and you approach your target or object of attention, with an attitude that is fulfilling and satisfying.

My experience with people, leads me to say that commitment is the step in order to initiate an action plan. Those who are not committed to achieve some goal, can never achieve it, as they never think of it as important, they get waylaid in their journey and lose the sight of reward.

If you want to excel in your job, do so with commitment, you will surely have a sense of achievement than. In your relationship, be sincere and bring in commitment to have a stronger relationship, one which is not disturbed by turbulence.

Commitment to oneself is determined by how focused you are, and how you prioritize things in life. You analyze how to approach your desired results and evaluate which path to choose in order to achieve or to improve the intended results. You are continually in process of evaluation, which thing is working and which step of your is misleading, seeking incentive for improvement. Evaluating and improvement keeps you motivated, and optimistic with a promise of fruitful future.

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