Compulsive liars

Compulsive liars lie on regular basis, and have no control over their lying, despite of the fact what negative consequences they have to face. The lying pattern don’t serve the long term goals of the person, and have a self defeating quality.

The people suffering from compulsive lying pattern, have built it as a habit. for such people lying seems something which comforts and supports them. The people around compulsive liars are bound to be hurt, so much to the extent of ending a relationship. As compulsive liars cannot restrain themselves from lying, even when they are around their loved ones. This thing makes it more harder for having trustworthy relationships. This doesn’t mean that they can not make friends or have a large social circle. But keeping them in the long run, is a different matter altogether. Such people are lonely and feel unloved.

The person suffering from this disorder, produce convincing lies, which makes is difficult for the other people to judge. Here i must tell you that habitual lying is a completely different thing, in which the person tell “White” lies, which are basically avoidance of truth, and are told to hide something or avoiding to hurt the feelings of others.

Such people do not want to be confronted, have got something to hide, want to live up to the expectation of others, cover embarrassment, and want to have a higher self esteem.

The person has no guilt feeling in telling lies, and continue to do so on regular bases, even daily. The underlying cause should be identified, which in such disorder is feeling of low self esteem and inadequacy.

Lying pattern may be caused due to a number of reasons:

#1. Neuropsychological abnormalities.
#2. Personality disorders.
#3. Dysfunctional family.
#4. Substance abuse.

It is a serious mental illness, and the person requires professional psychological help.

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