Experiences makes us a better person, prepares us, so that we do not in any ways commit the same mistake again. Only fools fall for the same trap, the wise man always learn from their past.

Learn from your experiences, If you do not, you will be standing at the same place, over and over again. The first step is recognizing, that you have made a blunder. If you do not have acceptance, you will never rectify it. Always take responsibility of your actions, no one else is responsible for things that occur in your life.

Try to focus on your experiences and what it taught you. Always remind yourself, of what you have done earlier, whether it was a feeling of regret or you had a pleasant feeling.

Establish a fact that you have the power to change the course of things and events. Depend on your own ability to overcome the obstacles, and learn from your past.

Do not commit the same mistake, you will be more depressed than ever, knowing that you failed again.

Do not justify your failures, and take full responsibility. Shying away will lead you nowhere.

Analyse why you committed that mistake in the first place, what were the things that you shouldn’t have done. Analyze the WHY’s and WHAT’s, to figure out the causes behind your actions that led you to commit that mistake.

Do not let yourself stick to the same event for a long time, rather learn your lesson and move on. Life is much more fantastic and inviting, than to be brooding over split milk. If you know what I mean.

Develop your self confidence, be courageous, and modify your personality.

When you learn from your mistakes, and think that you will not go through the same thing again, means that you are considering that mistake as a stepping stone, and preparing yourself for the future endeavors.

Know that there will be no Success without Failures, the same way, there is no use of second chance when you haven’t learned from your past experiences.


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