It is an age old wish to be someone, acquire great things, be rich, have fantastic vacations, a loving family, flying high in career, have a perfect relationship and so many other things to accomplish. Yet we are not happy, even after having all of these things in our life. A we tend to search it outside, while forgetting it actually is inside us.

The simple thing that we tend to forget every now and then, is that, we can not in any way correlate our happiness to things, or develop a significant relationship to people for being happy. Happiness is an internal factor, not an external one, and happiness differs how each one of us sees it.

Establishing the fact that we tend to relate our happiness to others, we get disappointed when things don’t work our ways, the way we want it to, and we also tend to push all the blame on to others, making other people the culprit for our unhappy life. Attributing our unhappy life to people. We keep on doing that, putting others in the negative light, and are unable to break the vicious chain of negative thinking.

This makes us believe that we are not happy due to situations we come across with, because we are not given the right opportunities, we are not supported by the influential people, not in a good relationship. We always find excuses for our believe, and negating the fact that we ourselves are pushing our happiness away from us, losing chances each day to be happy and positive.

Here we need to understand that, this negative thinking makes us more negative and lead us eventually to being unhappy and cursing our life. Stop that thought, and take actions now, as no one wants to be unhappy for the rest of their lives. Break that vicious cycle of having a negative perspective in everything you do.

The road of life is never straight, nor it has to be. If it is that way, life will be too monotonous and dull. Challenges, ups and downs, are what makes our life alive, make us alive. As each day demands your attention, where you apply different strategies to overcome the obstacles and make it more simpler for yourself.

  • Believe that you can be happy, and its completely your choice. Either you stay unhappy and brooding over things, that are not working your way, or you accept the situation. Once you accept means that you are preparing your mind to handle the situation and no matter whether the result is good or bad, you are perfectly capable of giving your best. The moment you think that, your negative thinking will stop, and you will feel light. Stay optimistic, as we gain lesson from every situation, whether good or bad.
  • Move away from people who are always crying over things, no matter even they have the best in their lives. These people will always push your happiness from you, as they keep on focusing on negative aspects of situations. They are the happiness killer.
  • Start your day by being active, and fresh. you have taken your nights sleep, it means you are ready for the day ahead of you. stop sending negative messages to your brain that you are not up to it. Train your mind and put it on the right track. No matter if you are stuck in traffic, or having a wrong start this positive messages you send to your brain will do wonders.
  • Money is definitely not the key to happiness, even people who are filthy rich, get depression, and attempt suicides  so don’t think that by having more money means you will be having a satisfied life. You will not. Money can not buy you happiness, stop seeking it outside. Happiness resides inside you.
  • Engage in activities that you enjoy most, whether is reading, playing some games, sports, or anything that freshens your mind and body. The more engaged you are in these activities, the less chances of thinking the negative side of the coin.
  • Try to develop a healthy relationship, invest time in your loved ones, instead of sitting in front of TV. Share your ideas, share your experiences, engage in meaningful conversation, rather than idle chat, go out with your family and have an exclusive family time. Select a location where you can have fresh air, to lift up your spirit.
  • Make yourself smile more often. You will notice when you make an effort you do certainly feel happy. Practice it more. One smile wont hurt you.
  • Forget about the things that went wrong, it taught you a lesson, so stick with it, so as not to repeat it.
  • Let go of your fears. Fears are the killers of happiness. Don’t be afraid of situations, the more you think that you are not strong enough or capable enough  the more wrong signals you send your brain, which only act on your messages you are sending it.
  • Decide what you wan t from your life. Not what others want you to be. stop pretending to be someone else. Be yourself. Don’t let other people advocate you, you will never be happy if you let others boss you around. Set goals, and start today on working it out. Don’t wait for tomorrows, as you never will know about tomorrows.
  • Feel happy, with small accomplishments, little chances of being happy. As it will boost your positive thinking.

Remember you alone are responsible for your life, no one else is. Take charge of things that happen in your life. 


I leave you with the thought: 




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