Nature has created us as different, each one of has its own identity, on basis of which we are different from each other. This obviously makes our personality different and unique on its own. We think, and behave in different manners, function and have our own individual attitudes to various situations.

I ask you than, Why do we want others to behave the way we do? Why we want other people to be like us?, To think like the way we do? To have the same vision? To respond to situations in the same manner the way we react to those situations?

How is that possible? It is truly against nature. Yet we busy ourselves each day, poking our noses in other persons life. Making it difficult for them and in turn for us too. Expect them to be like us, to think like us, even to eat the same things that we eat. This is so self centered, we do not let them have their own life, and make it a point each day to pass suggestions on their attitude, the way they think and the way they approach to a certain dilemma.

This is just not restricted to ones home. Even as nations of this beautiful world, we go around poking our noses in other countries affairs, and get abrasive when faced with criticism. 

We fail to understand, or perhaps we don’t want to understand, that it makes our life difficult, every time we do that. We call ourselves educated, open minded, part of well behaved society, tolerant, and yet we fall down and chase other people.

Such a shame that is. We are not tolerant enough to let another person have their own views, and can not in anyway, let them have their own choice. Always busting around and want to lay down our own rules, want everyone to succumb to our wishes and fall into our steps. It is due to this we are having breakups, a bitter relationship, more egoistic, and more inflexible. This all together affects our society, our nation. As we are modeling it to our future generation too.

We need to remember and practice that we can not criticize others, be intolerant, be a judge, and condemn others. We can not be mentors, and keep people in our pockets, if we do that, we make living difficult for ourselves and for others.


  • You can give suggestions, but can not force.
  • You can control, but only yourself not others.
  • Focus on your life, not what others around you are doing.
  • Don’t force yourself on others.
  • If you love, respect the differences.
  • Do not cultivate hatred, by being picky.


  • Focus on your own issues.
  • Make your own life the first priority.
  • Try to make your life fruitful.
  • Help others in need of help.
  • Volunteer.
  • Laugh and be cheerful.
  • Do what you enjoy most.
  • Be happy in your own space.

Thus, fill your life with the positive things, cultivate the idle mind with good thoughts, groom your personality, focus on your issues and try to resolve them, have a loving relationship, try to be more tolerant of each other,and  more sophisticated. Do not put people in your pocket, hold their hand and try to walk beside them, and supporting them.

Everyone has a right to have their own lives, Live yours and make it memorable one, and let others live and let them make it worthy.


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