In life it is important to be intrapersonal intelligent, knowing who you are, an intelligence of self understanding. Being aware of oneself, knowing an understanding ones own strengths and weaknesses, thoughts and feelings, and along with this having a capability to recognize the similarities and differences with others.

Intrapersonal intelligence defines how good you are at things, and what goals you set for yourself and it is about the believe which you have in have in yourself. People who have high intrapersonal intelligence are aware of their emotions, their goals, their motivations and know how to achieve their goals in life. Such people have full knowledge of ones feelings, their attitudes, have moral priorities, they monitor their thought processes, their actions and behavior and have ability to deal with change in their social roles, in work place and in relationships.


  • write a diary regarding events, your emotions attached to it, and your behavior.
  • read self help books.
  • practice mindfulness.
  • select a quiet and relaxing place in home to reflect on your inner self.
  • develop self confidence and practice assertive skills.
  • set goals according to your needs, and develop motivation and a strong will to achieve them.
  • keep company of people who are self motivated and self driven, who have a happy outlook of life.
  • take a journey of self exploration.

It is very important for us to know ourselves, our faults, and assets, to talk to ourselves intelligently, and to get along with one’s own self.

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