Adolescence is the stage marked between the period of puberty and adulthood, normal ranges from thirteen years to nineteen years., that too depends on the cultures and societies of which we are a part of.

Adolescence is the change or you can say transition period from childhood to adulthood. When numerous changes are taking place, morphological, anatomical, educational and psychological. At this time the peer pressure increases, awareness of opposite sex and their development is identified.

There are a large number of adolescents facing problems like, violence, poverty, abuses, maladjustment, family problems, etc. These problems sometimes lead to behavioral problems, rebelliousness, decrease in school grades, depression, traumas, shoplifting, drugs and alcohol ingestion.

  • identify the problem.
  • identify the reason behind the problem.
  • brainstorm the solutions for the problem.
  • evaluate the solutions that is applicable and practicable according to the problem.

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