While thinking what to write for my upcoming Counselling Newsletter for my school students, RESPONSIBILITY popped in my mind. And I thought that really this is missing these days in students, who are more carefree and tend to blame others. So here is what I wrote, enjoy reading.

Responsibility is basic to learning environment. Students who are well disciplined take responsibility for their own actions, behaviors and academics. They behave well, do better in academics, as they are self-motivated, and self-directed, having set goals that they have to achieve. Such students don’t make excuses for not completing their work, preparing for tests, and they don’t blame others for their own mistakes. Analyze your actions:

• Do you realize how precious time is for your academics? And you are not wasting it!
• You have set goals & are working towards achieving them.
• You have a study plan and keep track of your assignments.
• You do not wait for the last moment to start the preparation for tests.
• You follow teacher’s instruction.
• You are fair in your dealings and do not blame others for your follies. You know that you are responsible for your actions.
• You have faith in your abilities, and don’t become defensive when you make a mistake.

If all answers are in affirmative,
We are proud of you. You are really responsible!

“Peak performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”- Brian Tracy.


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