Thinking of a happiest day in your life, certainly do bring a rush of memories. I say rush because the usually are a blur as we are so excited that we rush through it. Well it certainly is a pray that they last a life time. But if not, than we have to make the best of each day that comes by.

Yes, it is upon us to make things happen, for our sake only, not to please people or to make them happy. If we ourselves are not contended and satisfied from inside we will definitely be not able to share that happiness of bring happiness to others.


Be thankful of what you had, and what you have and continue on with the life’s journey. Ups and downs do come in life, but they teach us lessons. Importantly we should be thankful for the blessings and stand high when faced with difficulties. The day you accomplish and direct your life towards thankfulness, that day onwards you will decide for yourself a much happier life.