Extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure and suffering is a great start to get a hold on self and to keep on moving.

Self-compassion refers to the practice of approaching your setbacks, failures and short comings from a non-judgmental and warmer perspective.  Self-compassion includes kindness and forgiveness. Self-compassion helps in building a positive relationship with self and with others. It helps us in tolerating the difficult feelings that we experience and keeps distractions at bay.

Self-compassion supports us to move away from criticism and rigidity while developing curiosity and flexibility. When we are self-compassionate we have better coping skills which keep our depression and anxiety away. Evaluate yourself honestly, focusing on your actions, motivations without any external validations. It will help you to be gentler with yourself, when something has gone wrong.

Reflect on the day ahead of you, what challenges you have to face and how you will be supporting yourself while you are moving on rough patches. Alongside you will be thinking of ways to navigate through your day and possible ways to deal with difficult situations.

Self-compassion seems to help in keeping us motivated and resilient in face of setbacks and leads to greater positive efforts than when we punish ourselves for failures.

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