Moving up in higher grades each year demands a time for you to settle down. Transitions are smooth and easy for some students while for others they are stressful and demanding.

As we all know that transition is going on when we pass through numerous biological, social, environmental and psychological changes. Each stage has its own demand, where we seek opportunities to master and demonstrate new skills, where we want to make independent decisions, form social relationships with our peers and the people around. Transition brings with it more peer pressure, developmental differences, added responsibilities and much more.

We have to deal with new responsibilities, think of school achievement and success. The factors that help are motivation, self-concept, the readiness to take up new challenges, dealing with problems effectively, being innovative in our thought, and rigorous in our approach. And it would certainly not hurt us to get help from an adult.

Children earn status in school depending on their performance. They also experience failure and frustration, especially if they are less skilled than their peers.

(The Development of Children Ages 6 to 14. Jacquelynne S. Eccles).

Never let yourself down, be discouraged, or frustrated, rather keep on trying, and do your best in order to achieve and excel.


Face to face communication was more prevalent few years back, but it is now given secondary importance due to a boom in technology.

Information communication technologies have become such a huge part of our lives, that most of us are constantly using it, even in the presence of other people around us. Values of social interactions have changed and people feel more comfortable while using technology as means of communication.

 The evolution in technology has accelerated and is integrated in our lives, in a variety of communicative dimensions.

We spend an ever increasing amount of time attached to technology as means of communication. It’s seen very frequently now that people are engrossed in their phones while in a party.

People communicate more often now with family, friend’s relatives because of technology, but the quality of communication seems weaker now.

People, who spend more time with a screen struggle to understand or identify emotions. They are unable to develop strong relationships.

Developing basic communication skills are crucial for human communication which cannot be replaced by technology.

Human communication is not just words.


There are many qualities that contribute in achievements and happiness of an individual’s life. These qualities ensure long term success in various aspects of life. One such quality is SELF DISCIPLINE. Self-discipline involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel.

Be aware of yourself, your goals and what motivates you and pushes you to achieve success. People who have high levels of self-control tend to be a lot happier and also have more satisfaction in life. Self-discipline equips the person to deal with everyday stress and conflicts. As it gives the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through, without having to change your mind due to influences around you.

The people, who are self-disciplined, do not allow their feelings or impulses to influence their choices. In other words it can be said that they are not driven by impulses and keep a clear head and live by rules. They make rational decisions without feeling stressed.


Attitudes control our lives. People with positive attitudes are healthier, have more friends, do better in school and live longer. Want to be happy? Think good thoughts.

Self-discipline requires practice, where you train yourself to break free of bad habits and establish good ones, and improve by making changes in daily routine. Improved self-discipline makes life easier and you make healthy choices without getting emotional.

Remove temptations by keeping in mind the quote “out of sight, out of mind”. If you are trying to study or working on an assignment, turn off your cell phone or keep it away, remove things that distract you or tempt you. Ditch the bad habits of influences and set up yourself for success. Visualize the success or rewards that you will achieve once you accomplish your goals.

“By constant Self-discipline and Self-Control you can develop greatness of character”. Grenville Kleiser

Self-discipline will help you reach your goals; it will help you in obtaining better health, better life style, success in school, success in work and will make your life easier.