Face to face communication was more prevalent few years back, but it is now given secondary importance due to a boom in technology.

Information communication technologies have become such a huge part of our lives, that most of us are constantly using it, even in the presence of other people around us. Values of social interactions have changed and people feel more comfortable while using technology as means of communication.

 The evolution in technology has accelerated and is integrated in our lives, in a variety of communicative dimensions.

We spend an ever increasing amount of time attached to technology as means of communication. It’s seen very frequently now that people are engrossed in their phones while in a party.

People communicate more often now with family, friend’s relatives because of technology, but the quality of communication seems weaker now.

People, who spend more time with a screen struggle to understand or identify emotions. They are unable to develop strong relationships.

Developing basic communication skills are crucial for human communication which cannot be replaced by technology.

Human communication is not just words.

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