Your brain is a  library that can hold on to lots of information than you can think of. The stored information is always there, but it is in a form of messy pile, which makes it harder to remember if you need some information from your brain. Concentration requires you to direct your efforts towards the activity or subject at hand. Once things are stored in the memory it can be accessed easily, however, we might have difficulty in recalling it.

Always use your imagination and association when you are learning. Make links of new material with the previous material learned earlier or the information that you know already.  

Imagine, draw a mental map, a sketch in your mind for the topic that you reading or learning.

Associating things will help in developing the mental map and strengthen the link between the similar topics for you to comprehend clearly.

Question yourself about the topic and think up of answers. You will notice when you are using these two techniques; imagining and associating, the information comes back to you quickly.

Revise the information or topic that you learnt at least four to five times after different intervals, to store the information in the long term memory.

  • Begin with the revision right after you learnt.
  • A day after you learnt the topic.
  • Revise again a week after.
  • After a month revise the topic again.

images (1)


If you forget something while doing a test.


Take your mind back and think where you learnt it? How teacher taught you in class? Which book it was? Which chapter it was? How you were revising at home? Were you sitting or lying down?

Mind loves to navigate and it is very likely that you will start remembering the topic.


Mind loves to navigate and it is very likely that you will start remembering the topic.


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