Are you in a hurry to get something done? Are you in a rush to complete your assignment? Are you being impatient with someone, not capable enough in your group? Are you losing your patience because you are not getting the required results?

Patience is an important Life Skill. Patience is the ability to tolerate waiting, delay or frustrations without getting upset or agitated. It is the ability to control your emotions or impulses and proceed calmly when faced with difficulties. Patience leads to emotional freedom which is a lifelong practice. In order to shape your talents and abilities you must deal with patience with yourself and with others. Keep on making the efforts until you master.

“It is not necessary for all men to be great in action. The greatest and sublimest power is often simple patience.” – Horace Bushnell.

Patience helps us in seeing the problem in a positive light, which we were unable to see when we were frustrated. Reframing the situation and the matter at hand can be viewed in a positive light only when we deal with it patiently.

Relax when you are engulfed with situations that seem too bleak to be resolved. When you have control over your emotions you are in a better position to see the situation and to deal with it in an effective manner. You avoid making hasty decisions. As at that time you know how to approach a problem and how to overcome the obstacles.

“One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life” (Chinese Proverb). 

2 thoughts on “DEAL WITH PATIENCE

  1. This is very nicely written and it’s great you have underlined a very important thing for me to remember. I remember a time when I was rather impatient about things. Now I practice mindfulness and along with that comes patience. I feel so much better for it. Accepting misfortune or difficulties just as they are and embracing a patient mind to deal with them is its own reward. Being patient with people is especially worthwhile to foster compassion and empathy. Being impatient is the road to selfcentredness; patience opens you to the world as it helps you *understand*.

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