Lone in sands of time

Lone you stand on a shiny sand,

Brilliance shining from the sky,

A vast sea of secrets in front,

You sit under the skimpy shadow,

As you weep for the years went by,

For you miss the one who was yours,

Who was lost ages ago in sands of time,

Those who are lost are never found,

You put your head to the husky back,

Bringing memories of days gone by,

Thirsty you remain in front of sea,

As its not yours to quench thirst,

Holding sand in hand you let it go,

Gently to be blown by wind,

With dried checks parched lips,

You search in the emptiness within,

With wide eyes you look in front,

Not a fragment of your heart you see,

And the droplets roll down the curves,

Yes it will go and it will pass,

Taking with it all that is left,

And never to give nor to open,

You hide whatever is left ……. Parisa Khan.

One thought on “Lone in sands of time

  1. Sand through fingers
    Tears down cheeks
    Thoughts of a loved one.

    All will be gone…
    But there something remains.

    Touching words and imagery on this morning, and it makes me reflect. And now I’ll move on. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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