Years back, *poor illiterate parents* produced 



🔹 Scientists,

🔹 Accountants,

🔹 Lawyers,

🔹 Architects,

🔹 Professors.., whom I will refer to as *Group ‘A’*. 
These *Group ‘A’* Children struggled on their own after Primary 6 or Grade 12, to become notable personalities. Most of them 

👉🏾trekked to school *barefooted*

👉🏾 went to farms

👉🏾fetched water and firewood

👉🏾cared for domesticated animals

👉🏾did some work including trading after school to survive.
Now Group ‘A’ ,who have now become Parents themselves are *producing Group ‘B’ Children*

These group B children are 


🔹 helped in their homeworks or home assignments from nursery school through secondary schools to higher institutions.

 🔹chauffeur driven to very expensive schools or are sent abroad to study.  

🔹they can watch movies from morning till dawn after school.

🔹 they are treated like baby kings and queens.

🔹they don’t do any household chores. 

🔹Food is put on the table for them, 

🔹their plates are removed and washed by parents or house maids. 

🔹They are given expensive cars and clothes, 

🔹not forgetting *big pocket monies to be wasted* !!!.

🔹Their parents help them in doing their assignments.

🤔 In spite of all these, only few can *speak* or *write* correctly. 😏
🤔Group ‘A’ Parents cared for their own *parents* and *children*, Group ‘B’,their Children are still *struggling to find their feet at age 30+*.‼ 

🤔They find it difficult to do things on their own because they are used to being helped to think and doing things by Group ‘A’. So they can’t help themselves, their parents or the society. THEY ABANDON THEIR PARENTS IN THEIR BID TO ACQUIRE THE WORLD
😴 *Where do you belong*❓

🏮Reduce the pampering and the unnecessary help you offer your children.

🏮 Let your children *grow in wisdom, intelligence and strength*. 

🏮Let them face the truth and the realities of life. Teach them to grow to become *independent adults.* Teach them to 

👉🏾fear God, 

👉🏾respect others and

👉🏾 develop confidence in themselves. 

🤔Parents, discipline your children to become disciplined adults, *useful* and not *useless.*

(Forwarded message). 


Well the summer vacations are going on and since its extremely hot outdoors we are stuck indoors, only heading to malls to kill our boredum. 

That said. Now how to keep my two busy is the biggest challenge so that they dont feel down. 

Apart from being hungry after every half an hour (Yes! You heared me right “half hour”) and providing constant supply for something that they find indulging and yummy, we actually are doing other things too 😃


Madagascar, Penguins of Madagascar, All parts of Home Alone, my personal favourite; Inside Out, all parts of Toy Story, Planes, Cars, Finding Nemo, all parts of Kung fu Panda, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Frozen a never ending list, which I also love watching. 😍

We started by having surprises each day, like painting on canvas, having a bath tub playing day, movie surprises, heading go mall for game zone. It did work for a while until I ran out of ideas to surprise them. 

Here are the pics of their canvas painting.

Have to do more of this because they love and keep them busy for good 3 hours including the clean ups.

We are doing books reading these days:

This series of BUNNY SAYS is really good for social emotional development of children. The easy language makes its easy for the my elder to read for his sister. The funny part is that they discuss what they are doing and how they can improve, which make me proud of them الحمد لله   😄

Than the Quran stories which I read for them and explain to them. Than we relate to what they learn in their school and what mummy teaches them about islam.

These books are interesting and engaging, especially the BRAIN QUEST. It contains different portions for English, comprehension, science, maths, social studies. Covering wide variety of areas based on worksheets. 

Waiting for the weather to get better so that we can play outdoors without getting ourselves dehydrated and having a sunstroke. 


Few years ago I was very interested in HAPPINESS. Used to read a lot what happiness means and how to be happy, it was in search of answers as to why people are not happy, why they tie their happiness to material things, and to people???

Well actually HAPPINESS comes from WITHIN.

Its just not a state but a way of living! YES, really!!!!

I got this book back in 2004 and the author wrote interesting ways through which people can bring in happiness in their lives.


In my pursuit to happiness I got interested in the idea of differences in males in females and specifically in married people and their happiness levels. Whether the happiness is tied to being married or remaining unmarried. I did a research along with my teacher Dr. Anjum Jehangir to explore the topic. It got published in JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES & HUMANITIES (3rd in the contents).



Happiness is the way you think, feel and behave and how you attribute it to things and people and environment as well. Happiness is living a healthy life, thinking positive thoughts, doing things that cheer you up, helping people, being understanding and foremost finding it daily in small things.