Goals play an important role in our life, it has powerful positive effect on our brain. It has to be taught from the very beginning; such as why there is a need to make goals, what are goals, what we achieve by making them, how to pursue them and how ultimately we achieve them. 


The mere awareness that we have goal to look forward too or to achieve, gives meaning to life, which affects the overall well-being of the person. It drives us to a conclusion that goals gives a sense of purpose to life and is linked with well-being. When we design goals we see ourselves in a new light, we attach self-worth to our identity, of who we are and what we can do/achieve. On the contrary, people with no goals to pursue, have lack of appreciation for themselves and constantly feel emptiness and dissatisfaction, which lead to depression and other psychological problems. As human beings we all seek control, optimism, appreciation, excitement and avoidance of pain. And we face frustration, dissatisfaction, guilt, despair and anger when we don’t have meaningful life.

We are designed in such a way that we seek purpose of our existence and meaningfulness in our life. People who show more distress, who are dissatisfied with life, are not goal oriented. This is backed by many researches: 

People with lower levels of purpose in life, for instance, have greater levels of psychological distress, more substance-related problems, and more disruptive behaviour. They also have lower levels of life satisfaction, self-esteem, positive affect and physical functioning (King & Hicks, 2013; Park, Park, & Peterson, 2010; Steger, 2013; Vos, 2016).

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The whole journey from making goals and progressing on them, gives people a sense of achievement, which we seek our entire life. 

With every achievement, or progress that we make to achieve our goals lifts our mood and helps us in staying motivated. This all happens due to increase in dopamine levels in the brain which is linked to mood and gives a sense of pleasure.

Make your life’s journey a meaningful one, one which has goals, something to look forward to everyday. Even the small steps taken towards goals are rewarding and gives a hope, a sense of achievement.