Gone the rain and after two days of sitting at home the dear hubby tantalized the travelling sense for a visit to FILI, Sharjah. We got ready supper fast…not that supper fast actually. Our hopes were high that  probably we will get some rain and would definitely see some streams or water fall.

Sun was following us everywhere and no sight of cloud anywhere. We saw beautiful scenic views, farms, camels, fallen trees that couldn’t with stand the storms and the flood washed type roads.

There was no fast food restaurant or any other type of restaurant in sight for the hungry family, though we packed fruits with us for the long journey and we got tired of eating it.


Finally we saw a bridge and kiddos got excited to see the rain water that accumulated there.



Again we started our long journey and was welcomed by beautiful scenes.



Yayyyy!!!! We saw the board FILI and the elder kiddo got excited that now he will finally see some water and play with.

We saw a camel near the road and stopped to have a short “Hello Hi” with it. Kids were concerned what it will be eating…..

Yes! we reached BURAQ DAM.

On way we got to drive through this as a day earlier we had a bad thunderstorm that wrecked havoc.

image1 (1)

Since we had more time before the nightfall so we extended our trip and went further in the Waddis to explore and we came across streams. SUPER EXCITED!!!! had loads of fun wetting our feet and dancing on the tunes while kiddos made boats with paper and kept on playing with the water.

And finally we packed in the car again and headed further for the Dubai Sharjah high where found delicious and much awaited MANDI and had our fill.



 As Friday approached after a hectic week we thought of wandering far from the capital city and head towards Al Ain. The dear Hubby found a new place “Zakher Lake” for exploration. Directions can be found here . All packed with Bar-b-Que stuff and toys for kids to play with in sand, we started our almost 2 hours journey.

Zakher Lake is also known as “Tilapia” after the name of a fish that is found in ponds, rivers and lakes. The lake is located in desert near Jebel Hafeet. It consist of spill water and ground water in the midst of desert.

As we reached we saw the public toilets which I think is plus point if you are travelling with kids (though we didn’t use them). Shaded picnic tables were also there.

The birds chirping can be heard clearly as we got down from our vehicle. The view was mesmerizing with all its tranquility which was much needed after a hectic week. Kids started playing with their sand toys leaving the two adult with their cooking work. Baba did all the hard work of getting the fire going while mummy relaxed on her chair and delved into the peace of the moment.

The kids were told not to play in the lake which I thought in the end was a wise move, as the night approached we were surrounded by humming gigantic mosquito which led me to think of larva which would have been in the lake, though I didn’t see any.

All in all it was a fine trip.