Well the summer vacations are going on and since its extremely hot outdoors we are stuck indoors, only heading to malls to kill our boredum. 

That said. Now how to keep my two busy is the biggest challenge so that they dont feel down. 

Apart from being hungry after every half an hour (Yes! You heared me right “half hour”) and providing constant supply for something that they find indulging and yummy, we actually are doing other things too 😃


Madagascar, Penguins of Madagascar, All parts of Home Alone, my personal favourite; Inside Out, all parts of Toy Story, Planes, Cars, Finding Nemo, all parts of Kung fu Panda, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Frozen a never ending list, which I also love watching. 😍

We started by having surprises each day, like painting on canvas, having a bath tub playing day, movie surprises, heading go mall for game zone. It did work for a while until I ran out of ideas to surprise them. 

Here are the pics of their canvas painting.

Have to do more of this because they love and keep them busy for good 3 hours including the clean ups.

We are doing books reading these days:

This series of BUNNY SAYS is really good for social emotional development of children. The easy language makes its easy for the my elder to read for his sister. The funny part is that they discuss what they are doing and how they can improve, which make me proud of them الحمد لله   😄

Than the Quran stories which I read for them and explain to them. Than we relate to what they learn in their school and what mummy teaches them about islam.

These books are interesting and engaging, especially the BRAIN QUEST. It contains different portions for English, comprehension, science, maths, social studies. Covering wide variety of areas based on worksheets. 

Waiting for the weather to get better so that we can play outdoors without getting ourselves dehydrated and having a sunstroke.