Happiness is You recieve Your Book Order

Recieved my order for books. 

Enid Blyton always bring childhood memories. When I used to read one book after the other and engrossed in imagination. 

Now its my kids turn to read and be on the imagination train. 

It’s Ramadan is for kids. As the raadan is right around the corner and I will give it to kids as ramadan gift.

The other two books are for me MILK AND HONEY, AN UNSUITABLE BOY. 

Will read them soon. 


Yes, I was completely out of writing any post. 

Workload plus another job in pipeline, this all kept me busy for good.

Finally settled in new city and new workplace and a complete change in everyone life at home. And now I begin. 

We should show gratitude in whatever we get and in whatever we have. Thankfulness brings abundance in things that we have currently. 

Patience is the key to success. It really is!

Leave no space for hatred in your life, accept what you have and work hard intelligently for your satisfaction not in terms of money, as money never brings happiness. 

Having said so remember those who are around you.

Stay blessed everyone and happy!


Few years ago I was very interested in HAPPINESS. Used to read a lot what happiness means and how to be happy, it was in search of answers as to why people are not happy, why they tie their happiness to material things, and to people???

Well actually HAPPINESS comes from WITHIN.

Its just not a state but a way of living! YES, really!!!!

I got this book back in 2004 and the author wrote interesting ways through which people can bring in happiness in their lives.


In my pursuit to happiness I got interested in the idea of differences in males in females and specifically in married people and their happiness levels. Whether the happiness is tied to being married or remaining unmarried. I did a research along with my teacher Dr. Anjum Jehangir to explore the topic. It got published in JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES & HUMANITIES (3rd in the contents).



Happiness is the way you think, feel and behave and how you attribute it to things and people and environment as well. Happiness is living a healthy life, thinking positive thoughts, doing things that cheer you up, helping people, being understanding and foremost finding it daily in small things.



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I believe in this saying.

I think when you share people’s problem, listen to them with open heart, give a shoulder to cry on and supporting them in whatever you can, you make them happy and ultimately it bring HAPPINESS to you.

HAPPINESS doesn’t mean that you have account full of money, a luxurious home to live in, perfect kids, perfect spouse and a dream job.




Content with what you have, no matter how little it is. And still you care for others you help them out in their lives and still keep on moving with yours. THAT IS REAL HAPPINESS.

Carrying out small ACTS OF KINDNESS and SMILING at people to show them love and care makes your day. IT WORKS FOR ME.

I am alhumdulilah what I always wanted to be, and each day I try to achieve whatever is there in my capacity no matter how big or small it is, to spread happiness, to make people feel loved, and cared for.

It brings back immense HAPPINESS when people say that thank you you made my day, thank you for listening it means a lot, thank you for guiding we will try it out, thank you for just being there. I feel so blessed and I thank ALMIGHTY ALLAH for choosing me to do something for humanity, though its not much.

It gives me solitude, brings peace to me.

We just need a good smile in morning to make us feel better, a pat on the back that we are not alone, a compassionate hand to know that we are not walking alone, a good greet to realize that we can make it.

Every small gesture counts, a small act means a lot, it will become a habit, a behavior and will impact the society and community where people give a helping hand to each other in order to spread HAPPINESS.


  •  Saying a Happy HI!
  • Greet people GOOD MORNING even when you don’t know them.
  • Be a listening ear.
  • Thank people even for smallest gestures.
  • Give gifts.
  • Be a helping hand.
  • Support your community.
  • Inspire others by your smile.
  • Help out people who are in need.
  • Reach out to those who work for you.
  • Be understanding of others view, and don’t be judgmental.
  • Be some ones SUNSHINE.
  • Be a SILVER LINING in some ones cloud.
  • Be a LIGHT for some one in need.

So, don’t wait for HAPPINESS to come to you.



Don’t brood over things that you couldn’t do, don’t cry for things that you are unable to achieve, don’t hold back the love that you want to give, don’t delay saying that you care. Make the most of everyday. Start now. Today is a new day. It can be a new beginning for a new future. Work hard but most of all WORK SMART……. Parisa Khan.

Lone in sands of time

Lone you stand on a shiny sand,

Brilliance shining from the sky,

A vast sea of secrets in front,

You sit under the skimpy shadow,

As you weep for the years went by,

For you miss the one who was yours,

Who was lost ages ago in sands of time,

Those who are lost are never found,

You put your head to the husky back,

Bringing memories of days gone by,

Thirsty you remain in front of sea,

As its not yours to quench thirst,

Holding sand in hand you let it go,

Gently to be blown by wind,

With dried checks parched lips,

You search in the emptiness within,

With wide eyes you look in front,

Not a fragment of your heart you see,

And the droplets roll down the curves,

Yes it will go and it will pass,

Taking with it all that is left,

And never to give nor to open,

You hide whatever is left ……. Parisa Khan.


In order to develop EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILL, it is important to develop EFFECTIVE LISTENING SKILLS. Our personal relationships need effective listening skills to face complicated concerns and issues and the same is important in our professional lives as well.

For developing effective listening skills the first step is to be aware of the barriers to effective listening. Once we are aware of those barriers we can start working on eliminating them so as to have long lasting relationships.

Barriers to listening are present in our communication. Anything that stops concentration and allows our mind to wander off the topic must be recognized and eliminated so that a successful and meaningful conversation takes place.

  • Filtering: Listening to only selected thing while ignoring others. You listen what you want to hear.
  • Distractions: Fidgeting, doodling, yawning or looking around while someone is talking to you.
  • Rehearsing: You do not pay attention to listening because you are busy in rehearing what you are going to say.
  • Judging: When we stop listening to the other person as we already have made up our mind about them.
  • Daydreaming: When we stop listening and allow our attention to wander to other things and not paying attention.
  • Identifying: Everything that you hear from the other person reminds you of your own experiences. You start telling about your experience before the other person can finish.
  • Advising: You start advising the person and do not hear more than a few sentences.
  • Derailing: We tend to derail the topic when we get bored with the topic.
  • Mind reading: Instead of paying attention to what is being said, you try to figure out what the person is thinking and feeling.