Life is too short to waste. enjoying every bit of it is what we should focus on. Being MINDFUL will certainly help in bringing back the simple joys in life.

Love cooking Chinese dishes (my recipe of course). Family loves it too, Thank God for that.IMG_3242

Yes, a typical foodie, which is enforced by the family as well, love eating CHAPPALI KABAB, DAAL AND PLAIN RICE. 

The banknote is hubby’s idea of displaying the, which currently don’t have a better display area. 


After lots of routine work, which include cooking of course, give yourself a break. And I truly love nature. Hitting the street for a long drive, hoping to see some waterfalls, we went out on long drive. Finally, the clouds have decided to show up after a long hot season and it seems they are here to stay for sometime, thankfully.


Headed to Wadi Shees, where we wanted to go since long and finally en route to that place. Weather was promising, lovely scenes on the way, while the not so little one kept on demanding to let him go mountain climbing, which was not possible at that moment.


After following the instructions from the good old GPS reached to Wadi Shees and manged to see waterfalls. It was a pleasure to see the fishes in the collected water and small swimming bugs.


ICY cold water. The feeling of the cold water touching your foot and the moment you wash your face you come to realize what you were missing all the while.


We ended up on Fujairah Beach, where we had our late lunch and freshened ourselves by relaxing at the beach. The Not So Little one didn’t get to climb the mountain, rather got a chance to dip in the open sea.

Day out always turns to be interesting when it is unplanned and out of the blue. Woke up early morning on the weekend, which happens every weekend, and surprisingly decided to get ready and leave for a day out. We saw a number of desert bikes, biking in he dunes, people making camp fire and relaxing under the cloudy sky. Winter is so welcomed here.