I was at a function yesterday on STUDENT EXCELLENCE, seeing so many proud students and their parents receiving prizes. The guest speaker gave a speech in the end and I was totally influenced by it, she really made me ponder on LIFE’S JOURNEY.

As we are growing up we learn that in order to achieve something in life we need to plan it, set goals or routes that will bring our objective closer. We find the meaning of life somewhere during that journey. Each time we achieve a goal we have our eyes set for a new objective and this keeps on going.

BUT I want to ask you that:


Life is a journey, full of laughter, hardships, love, care, difficulties, celebrations, heartaches and challenges. Twists and turns, curves and bends tests your strength and determination.The keep on going and thus we stay connected to it. When something goes wrong and we find ourselves unable to reach our goal, after lot of thinking we find out that we made a mistake which led us away from the goal.

What we do when we come to know about our mistakes?

  • Do you learn from our mistakes?
  • Do you just acknowledge and move on?
  • Do you devise a plan so as not to commit the same mistake again?

What we do with our mistakes lays the next course of our life, give it a new meaning. It is important to identify them at first, than search for the reasons behind it, make a plan for the future goal ones that are realistic and are achievable.

What I wanted to be 20 years back, I don’t want that now, what I want after 5 years I know I will most certainly will not be needing it after 10 years. The goals I made, the journeys I have undertaken made me what I am today. I do want other things in life at this stage, and I am certainly going to take a new journey for that. I have learned from my mistakes, like being too hasty sometimes, trusting people for whom I had a wrong gut feeling, knowingly led myself into webs of emotional turmoil, not working hard at a point where I should have had, ditching my forever dream just to achieve somethings else. Yes, I have indeed learned, and will not be making those mistakes again.

Bring in a meaningful change in life, which will lead you to choose from different options available, based on your potential and your aspirations, go for your dreams or take a journey that gives you a sense of happiness and contentment in life. Make a meaningful change in your personal and professional life.

What we do now have a deeper impact on the upcoming years, it leave marks.

All of us have a journey to take which is unique on its own.

Go on to your journey of self fulfillment, self exploration, happiness, contentment, your dreams, your truth, guided by your motivations and aspiration.

Life comes by once, so make the most of it.




The beautiful lines from Robert Frost poem, are so deep in meaning, and mesmerizing. Read this poem at an early age, and was so engulfed in its beauty and its message.

The image which the poet is setting springs up in my mind, and I reflect on myself and my duties that I have to fulfill,  the paths that I have to choose and the temptations which are always there, to take you away from the responsibilities. 

Each night I think and make priorities to do things, the possible course of action that has to taken, and these lines comes in my mind, touching me deeply and shaking me up to the reality. Making me believe in myself and preparing me to a journey unseen.

I remove my negative thoughts, and motivate myself with these inspirational lines. Focusing on the wonders of nature that are bestowed on me, all the blessings that I have, and build up my enthusiasm to carry on my journey. Letting go of things which are either hurting, or unchangeable, or things which are alluring me away from my goals. and yet I am believed to think that the journey away from the woods would not be a difficult one, perhaps it strengthen and prepare me more for many more paths to come. 

Read and indulge in its beauty.