As night time approaches, I ponder over the thought, what I did today?

Was I the cause of happiness to someone?

Have I accomplished something worthwhile?

Did I make a good difference in someones life? Just by my mere presence?

Have I achieved something for my own betterment?

If not anything of the above, did I learned to appreciate the good in others?

Take time out each night to count your blessings before you sleep, think of someone else except yourself, appreciate the little efforts people make, just to see you smile, look around and value whatever you have got, no matter if you only have a pair of clothes.

Try to be happy for yourself, and for others around you, make each day a memorable one, take small steps towards your goals, be a helping hand to someone, appreciate your kids, respond to your kids when they are telling you something, bring smile to your near and dear ones, don’t hold back your love, sharing is the best way to make things easier.

Love yourself and others around you.

Visualize other peoples sufferings and help in any way you can. Even a little praying will make you feel light and satisfied.

Love to all.