As the day starts I get myself busy in getting the things done, saying my prayers, preparing breakfast, preparing lunch boxes (according to the demands of the kids 🙂 the picky eaters), checking that the lunch is ready and handy when we return back home from our day out.

At the same time thinking what are the things that I have to do today at my workplace, all things lined up as the school have started, thinking of children who come to me for counselling.

And on the other note I saw the time, yikes have to rush things up, getting late.

Well this all make me think that how we work hard to make our lives easy and better for our children. My heart reach out to them all the time and sometimes I feel like holding them tightly and hugging them, it bring tears in my eyes just by thinking of it.

I just want to leave something positive in people around me, people whom I talk to, or people who come to me with their problems.

Never, ever give up…..keep on trying, no matter if you have to struggle very hard. You might not be able to do something for yourself, but probably others around you are benefiting from it.

You may not have all the things that you want or wished for, but yes you are blessed with lot of other things that others might not be having.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. You will certainly feel blessed.

Have a nice day.




Life comes by only one time. Take charge of your life, and start realizing what blessing you have in your life. it is too short to just let go by. Let go of past, live in the present, and Do Think about the future too. Plan your day, when you wake up each day, it will make things easier for you to manage.

If you had set back in your past, don’t ruin what you have today, by feeling blue and having regrets. LIFE is too short for you to do that.

  • Explore yourself.
  • Feel happy each day (even you have to pretend, it will affect your mood, believe me).
  • Look at the positive side of things.
  • Plan your TODAY and TOMORROW.
  • Make achievable goals.
  • And most of all, feel happy and contended of whatever you have.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, STAY BLESSED.