How could there be so much hate within love,
Not for a moment letting go,
Yet again more promises are made,
And lots of broken dreams behind,
Searching soul, to find love,
Wondering where would it lead this time,
How could the hurt be fogotten,
Not knowing what to do,
Close your eyes and dream on……. Parisa Khan



Living a dream,
Not my own,
Living a life,
Not my own,
Yet keep on moving,
Yet keep on dreaming,
Not knowing what future beholds,
Sometimes scared,
Sometimes overjoyed,
With all the possibilities,
I dream on,
Keeping faith with each step,
Not knowing where it will take,
Yet again,
I dream on,
I dream on.




It is our inner need to purse and seek things which matters to us more in life.

We are forced in today’s world to be a good bread earner, and has to face a lot of competition, from onset of our adulthood. And we leave behind what matters to us more, that is, our dreams and wishes. We tend to forget the very existence of ourselves and start running in a completely different direction, the one which is not meant for us.

But, are you happy, contented and satisfied? Do you think you are justifying your purpose in life? I think not.

  • Look around you, search what is the meaning of life for you.
  • Seek the purpose for your life, your existence, what makes you complete.
  • Push yourself to the edge, to find what you love most.
  • Develop courage, strength, to stand alone and face adversity.
  • Discipline yourself for consistency, motivation, and analyze your standing each day in a positive light.
  • Lead your dreams, walk on the path which you think is best for you.
  • Analyze the things which makes you happy, define your path.
  • Make plans and than take the road to travel on for a long time.
  • Small steps lead to a greater purpose in life, so don’t be sad even if you are little behind.
  • Keep in mind that if you fall at little short of achieving your goal, it is still  a step closer towards realizing it.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
(A famous motivational quote by Eleanor Roosevelt).

Don’t in any way, be a hurdle for anyone, and don’t make life for others difficult. You can never be happy if you are the reason for someone’s discomfort. The bad things will come to you, if you do bad for others.

Lead your own dreams, and let others have their wishes.



Stay blessed everyone. And try to make most of whatever you have.