As the day starts I get myself busy in getting the things done, saying my prayers, preparing breakfast, preparing lunch boxes (according to the demands of the kids ūüôā the picky eaters), checking that the lunch is ready and handy when we return back home from our day out.

At the same time thinking what are the things that I have to do today at my workplace, all things lined up as the school have started, thinking of children who come to me for counselling.

And on the other note I saw the time, yikes have to rush things up, getting late.

Well this all make me think that how we work hard to make our lives easy and better for our children. My heart reach out to them all the time and sometimes I feel like holding them tightly and hugging them, it bring tears in my eyes just by thinking of it.

I just want to leave something positive in people around me, people whom I talk to, or people who come to me with their problems.

Never, ever give up…..keep on trying, no matter if you have to struggle very hard. You might not be able to do something for yourself, but probably others around you are benefiting from it.

You may not have all the things that you want or wished for, but yes you are blessed with lot of other things that others might not be having.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. You will certainly feel blessed.

Have a nice day.



As we age, we all as human beings, learn things through our own experiences, and shared experiences. As we know that no one is perfect, and we make mistakes, only to learn from them, and try not to commit the same mistake again. No one can say that, they¬†didn’t¬†make mistake in their life, it is just part of growing up, getting more mature and experienced.

As we grow up we become aware that, our actions have consequences for which we are accountable to ourselves. We become a little wiser, and start analyzing life and its happening more alertly, become more conscious of our decision making process. We try to chose things that are in accordance to our nature, and we tend to take risks too, knowing how much we can push ourselves, or how strong we are to face adversity.

Each mistake that we make, give us a new lesson, a new way of thinking and approaching ideas, and decisions in our life. We keep on struggling to find a path to our destiny, by trial and error process, approaching ideas and ways each time in a different manner, one that suits our need and fulfills our desire. Learning motivates us to be more resilient, inculcates a deeper understanding of the life we are living.

All of you must be knowing this saying:


Stop for a moment and relax, breath in and out with ease, and take your time in doing so. Now think what you learned in life, all the time that you spent, going to school, college, having relationships  friends, your work.

  • What you really learned?
  • Have you been able to rectify your mistakes?
  • Have you really¬†learned¬†anything¬†that set the future course of your life?
  • What you changed by your experiences?
  • Or, all the learning that you did had gone waste?

Start your learning, and exploring yourself:

  • Everyone is leading his/her own life, so why not you stop worrying about others and start living yourself , for a start.
  • Know that whatever you choose for yourself, gives a much more higher satisfaction, as compared to, what others chose for you.
  • Start treating life as a friendly journey, where you indulge and play, and learn what has to offer you.
  • Never let go of the lesson an experience taught you, it is so much valuable for you, as you do not want to go through it again.
  • Learn to treat the life, the way you want to be treated. Whatever goes along comes along.
  • Life is too¬†precious¬†to waste, so learn to live inn the full manner and let others live to.
  • Give a chance to yourself to LIVE, by FORGIVING, it is the greatest thing that you can do for yourself.¬†
  • Keep on struggling on road to success, as nothing goes to waste. You will succeed sooner or later.
  • Decide whether you wan to be happy for the rest of your life or not, because it is your own attitude towards life, which will come to you.
  • Make peace with your past.
  • Stay true and loyal to yourself,¬†don’t¬†take help of cheating, to succeed, as you will fall if you do so.
  • Relationships are precious, give them, their time. You will know its worth, when it is not there.
  • Let go of things that are beyond repair, and¬†cannot¬†be changed, choose another path towards your goals.
  • Be thankful for whatever you have at present,¬†don’t¬†look back, nor forward.
  • Know one thing, that nothing can be achieved just by¬†wishful¬†thinking. You are supposed to take action in a positive manner, and set your horses on a favorable direction.
  • Be courageous, nothing will defeat you, not even your own fears.
  • Surround yourself with people who motivates you, keep you pushing and make you¬†realize¬†how special you are. Not the fake ones who are nothing and develop dependency in you.


‚ÄúThere are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, and wonder.‚Ä̬†Ronald Reagan.



Experiences makes us a better person, prepares us, so that we do not in any ways commit the same mistake again. Only fools fall for the same trap, the wise man always learn from their past.

Learn from your experiences, If you do not, you will be standing at the same place, over and over again. The first step is recognizing, that you have made a blunder. If you do not have acceptance, you will never rectify it. Always take responsibility of your actions, no one else is responsible for things that occur in your life.

Try to focus on your experiences and what it taught you. Always remind yourself, of what you have done earlier, whether it was a feeling of regret or you had a pleasant feeling.

Establish a fact that you have the power to change the course of things and events. Depend on your own ability to overcome the obstacles, and learn from your past.

Do not commit the same mistake, you will be more depressed than ever, knowing that you failed again.

Do not justify your failures, and take full responsibility. Shying away will lead you nowhere.

Analyse why you committed that mistake in the first place, what were the things that you shouldn’t have done. Analyze the WHY’s and WHAT’s, to figure out the causes behind your actions that led you to commit that mistake.

Do not let yourself stick to the same event for a long time, rather learn your lesson and move on. Life is much more fantastic and inviting, than to be brooding over split milk. If you know what I mean.

Develop your self confidence, be courageous, and modify your personality.

When you learn from your mistakes, and think that you will not go through the same thing again, means that you are considering that mistake as a stepping stone, and preparing yourself for the future endeavors.

Know that there will be no Success without Failures, the same way, there is no use of second chance when you haven’t learned from your past experiences.