There are times when we are too busy, even to look around us or give to ourselves. Well we do have a motive behind it. It might be due to the reason of our work, responsibilities or situations or life happenings that we forget to think about ourselves. We leave and we move away from our own being, never finding time to look into the inner self, which is long forgotten.

Stop and introspect, and think what you have been missing. Learn to value yourself, see what motivates you, what you love doing, what makes you happy, keeps you contended and relaxed.

Time keeps on going and is never stopping. But among all the life happenings, stop and think about yourself, it will help you many things that you are probably neglecting, like, your health. When we introspect and look for reasons, we do find answers and in them find solutions for the problems we are facing. We learn new ways of problem solving, and in the process somewhere find our comfort zones, our real self which is long forgotten.

So, take time out for yourself, take yourself on a date and find yourself, it will make things easier for you.