The reason that I am writing this article is, I was reflecting on my life, and the way I was brought up and the way I want my children to be. DISCIPLINE is the only word that came to my mind. We as kids were told about discipline and what is expected from us, and I really appreciate the efforts my parents made, it shaped my PERSONALITY  and MY WHOLE LIFE.

Foundations that are laid early in life, last a long time and have a great impact on one’s life. Discipline tells how to live our life, and how we can make it fruitful, and lead into the direction of self enhancement, high morals and freedom. Many people do think it means restrictions, punishments, and lack of expression, which is entirely wrong. In fact, DISCIPLINE gives a more mature and firm ground on which you can build your entire life on principles of freedom, appropriate expression, judgment, containment, and high standards.

Discipline is believing in oneself, ones qualities, and doing things that are right, and is not just pleasing others. You learn how to express your emotions appropriately and maturely, without being drowned by emotional flood. It builds your mental capacity how to react in situations, how to think with a clear head, and what could be the next possible step.


Discipline enriches your life and you learn how to manage your life effectively. It guides you and teaches you to manage your relationships, your finances, give you an insight to your future course of life. It makes you think rationally in the light of your past experiences, your present situation and tells you about your future path.

You learn to live a life according to your own standards, your own set of rules, and it really doesn’t matter what others think of you. It keeps on reminding you what you want out of your life, and you plan your path accordingly.





Life comes with all sort of complexities, and demands, which the person has to resolve in order to be SOMEONE. Only when he or she wants to, it can not be forced from the second party. It depends only on the person what they want from life, whether its short term goals or the long ones.

Hard times comes in everyone’s life, but the way we deal with it defines our PERSONALITY, and set future course of our life pattern. Direct your life in a positive direction in order to lead a happy life. People who are giving in to situations and matters, that are difficult for them to handle, will always have an unhappy with their life, as they will never be contended. 

“Giving up”  things means that you are not prepared to deal with it, and opting out is considered as an easy way out, from that situation. Here I am not focusing on arguments, in which we engage every now and then. I am shedding a light on personality and related behavior pattern.

Giving up means you are with drawing yourself on basis of some possibilities. Giving up means you have no resilience, and you will always search for easy ways to get out of it. But how come you know that you are going to fail, until and unless you try it out. And even if you do fail, you have at least as sense of satisfaction, that you did your best, and you learn a lesson in doing it so. Be it a relationship that you value most, exam which you are attempting again, going through a rough patch in life, facing hurdles in job market etc.

Motivation, persistence, and believing that you are doing your best to make things work is the key to achieving your goals. Stand up to the challenges, to adversity, and don’t look for back doors. You will be harming yourself and others around you.

Giving in means you are not ready mentally and physically to take the pressure, and you end up making everyone else in-charge of your life. Accepting things and following decision or choices which are forced your way. You don’t have the courage to speak up, due to the pressure on you. But remember here that its you, who made other people in-charge of your life. By your submissive personality you are allowing others to direct your life in a direction where you don’t want to go. If you do that, you will be unhappy the rest of your life, brooding and have no sense of accomplishment.


Give your best in everything you do, the relationships you engage in, the career you choose for yourself, etc. If you don’t try, you will never know, what the end result is. Facing failure doesn’t means that you are not good enough, rather it defines, that you are strong enough to see it to the very end, and still stay strong for improving it.

Take breaks, to revive your energy, to think over things, to relax and let go of negativity, and focusing things and thinking out possible actions to take. By having a break your mind will be fresh, and you will feel motivated, have positive thoughts, and make your self believe that you can do it, provided you give it a best shot with dedication.

So, why not give your best to things and do your best, by defining your life, the way you want to, in order to be satisfied and contended with sense of achievement.