We do face the problem of negative thinking. It might be due to any incident or event that has occurred and we find ourselves in the midst of negative thinking pattern. Sometimes it is so over-powering that it controls every aspect of our lives.

Personal beliefs, our principles and morals are the basis of our thoughts. Our low mood triggers negative thoughts and forms a chain reaction if we are unable to identify and stop it.

Become aware of your thought processes, simply acknowledging that they exist, helps in managing the negative thoughts. Our thoughts are automatic and fast, they keep on popping up and bombarding us, more so when they are negative.
 Thoughts that are more stressful or depressing should be dealt with first. Think about it, as they are the root cause of your negativity. When our beliefs are not matched with the outside world the distress creeps in. Identify the cause behind stress, despair and depression.
 Negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes. If you are depressed you will be thinking of negative outcomes, like failure in exams, unable to submit assignments on time, inability to concentrate, hopelessness etc. In order to break free of this destructive negative thinking pattern, become aware how they work and on what bases.
 Beliefs and values should be your main focus, as to see from where negative thinking is generating. Try to get control of things and situations before they become over whelming.
 Be optimistic, as it plays a key role in addressing negative thinking. The optimistic person accepts the facts and searches for solutions, while a pessimist attributes the factors that are not even in the situation, thus making the problem bigger than it was in reality.
 Focus on positive emotions and feelings, and replace the old thoughts by it. Think creatively and positively of the solutions, set achievable goals, and move away from negative triggers in the environment. Manage your negative emotions and feelings, this takes time, and your stress or depression will not simply vanish after it. But you will learn how to be a positive thinker.

If you continue to be negative, you will be attracting more negativity in life.
Let go of it and surround yourself with positive thoughts, you will be much happier.



There are so many problems that we come across our daily life, for some we find short term solutions, while for others we think and plan out for longer benefits, for long time duration. Shying away from something that is troublesome, or which provokes anxiety and leads to fear, is not the solution, and have harmful affects one’s life.

Know what bothers you, find out the reasons behind it, look out for the options that are present for you to come out of it, weigh your future in the pendulum if it affects your future life, but most importantly, acknowledge that it is creating havoc in your life in the background. Knowing is just not the end. Acting accordingly and putting things into action are the real movers and shakers.

Don’t be the one who runs away from problems, situations and circumstances, which he/she cannot deal with. Being an ostrich is not the right option at all.

Ignorance is the culprit of many problems, and so is knowing ignorance, where you knowing things, yet you fail to act, where you just sit and watch. Its your life, have a grip, understand that you have something really beautiful in form of LIFE, just don’t ruin it by your ignorance.


Knowing your ignorance about issues or problems, means that you are denying the reality, and are living in state of illusion, where you perceive the reality as some what different. This illusion will land you in a more difficult situation or circumstances. So, why not snap out of it. We all know that to avoid pain, we take actions so that we are not hurt. Same goes with ignorance, whether its deliberate ignorance or simply ignorance, it is your duty to make things right for yourself.

Yes, yes I know that we all try to take actions to save ourselves for all that trouble, or pain. But.

  • Are the actions and measures effective?
  • The course of action is the right one?
  • Is it based on knowledge, experience, and conscious thinking?
  • Are you really committed to it?
  • Do you really want to change things?

There is always room for improvement, improvement in the way we think, the way we function,  the way we put our thoughts into actions, the way we motivate ourselves, the way we stay determined. 

Start by:

  • Pinpointing the root causes of your problems.
  • Understanding that what harms it pose.
  • knowing what the threat really means to you.
  • Understanding the real meaning of LIFE.
  • Gain more knowledge into your problem, whether it is health related or some daily life circumstances.
  • Think up of the best way you can deal with it.
  • Have confidence, and know that you can accomplish your goals.
  • Prioritize your LIFE.
  • Analyse your support system.
  • Gain positive energy, and avoid things that are negative, or people who have negative energy in them.
  • Freshen up your mind, and open up for more wisdom, vibrancy.
  • Know that only YOU can change everything.
  • Stick to your decisions, ones that are based on reality, not on some day dreaming.



There are never ending complaint, about activities of which we are not part of, things we can’t get, love lost, unsatisfactory job, not so ideal home, and the list goes on.

Take charge of yourself, realize who you are and what you meant to do. Everything begins from you in the first place, be it anything, home, job, relationships, YOUR LIFE.

So why all these complaints?

If you are sluggish or feeling too low to move, having depressive outlook. BETTER START being active, take first step, head towards feeling fresh, have a make over, which boost your self esteem a lot. BELIEVE ME IT WILL DO WONDERS TO LIFT UP YOUR SPIRIT.

Deal with things, one at a time. Anything which is more troublesome should be dealt first. If you are not satisfied with your job, start looking for something which you wish to do since a long time. Staying in place, with low Job Satisfaction, affects productivity level and again is reflected in your attitude and general outlook of life. Follow your passion, anything you enjoy doing, painting, photography, having your own business. In short follow your dreams.

Healthy relationship, are important to keeping yourselves intact, having varied emotions and understanding how we react to situations which are demanding. Try to develop a good circle of friends, who are happy go lucky, who face adversity with a challenge, and have a positive outlook of life. These people boost your positive energy, and you have more better outlook to deal with hand on problems.

  •  Take things easy, never rush your decisions, think out a couple of times, analyzing the situation and then making a decision.
  •  Ego is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. No one has ever benefited from it. Let go of ego, and embrace the things with open heart.
  •  Challenge yourself, as it forces you to move, groom you to attempt in a better way.
  • Adapt to the changes in your life. It makes life easier.
  •  Come out from your comfort zone, nothing can be achieved just by sitting and relaxing. Best things in are achieved through struggle and hard work.
  •  Learn from your mistakes, experiences are the best teachers, leading you to a better path. Depending whether you are ready to learn or not.
  •  Embrace love openly without second thoughts, or being a judgmental.
  •  Wake up feeling energetic, and planing your day, focusing on positive aspects.
  •  Engage in activities that makes you happy.
  •  Exercise it is the energy booster.

Practice these things, and you will notice the changes in yourself.


Think about these: