Adolescence is the stage marked between the period of puberty and adulthood, normal ranges from thirteen years to nineteen years., that too depends on the cultures and societies of which we are a part of.

Adolescence is the change or you can say transition period from childhood to adulthood. When numerous changes are taking place, morphological, anatomical, educational and psychological. At this time the peer pressure increases, awareness of opposite sex and their development is identified.

There are a large number of adolescents facing problems like, violence, poverty, abuses, maladjustment, family problems, etc. These problems sometimes lead to behavioral problems, rebelliousness, decrease in school grades, depression, traumas, shoplifting, drugs and alcohol ingestion.

  • identify the problem.
  • identify the reason behind the problem.
  • brainstorm the solutions for the problem.
  • evaluate the solutions that is applicable and practicable according to the problem.


“Focus on what need to be done, and leave behind what went wrong, or what you could have done”.

As we pass our days, thought of things that went wrong, and brought us to a point in life, where we do not admire our standing, do cross our minds. Life is not a laid out plan, we make plans on basis of our inspirations, aspirations, our needs, our responsibilities, and our need to have peace within that comes from knowing of who we are and what we want.

Some people like myself, do want goals and plans in life, thinking out rationally and practically what needs to be done, which have better outcomes, and to somehow have a sound future. Meanwhile learning from mistakes that occurred, and stopping our so active mind to ponder on things that went wrong, decisions that lead us to a tight spot.

The key is to be consistent in your thoughts and actions, and awareness of your present and making decisions wisely and sticking to them. Being hesitant is going to lead you nowhere. Being afraid of things, people and situations would too be of no use, and you will be standing at the same point from where you started. Learn to take some risks where required, it give you more confidence and your mind will clear of doubts which you have about your self.

Ignore people who say bad things regarding you, avoid situations which you know would be difficult for you to handle. Take responsibility of your actions. No matter if times are hard, and you are farther away from your goals, keep your focus, keep positive, and keep on moving, stopping will attract negative thoughts and keep you away from your destiny.






In life it is important to be intrapersonal intelligent, knowing who you are, an intelligence of self understanding. Being aware of oneself, knowing an understanding ones own strengths and weaknesses, thoughts and feelings, and along with this having a capability to recognize the similarities and differences with others.

Intrapersonal intelligence defines how good you are at things, and what goals you set for yourself and it is about the believe which you have in have in yourself. People who have high intrapersonal intelligence are aware of their emotions, their goals, their motivations and know how to achieve their goals in life. Such people have full knowledge of ones feelings, their attitudes, have moral priorities, they monitor their thought processes, their actions and behavior and have ability to deal with change in their social roles, in work place and in relationships.


  • write a diary regarding events, your emotions attached to it, and your behavior.
  • read self help books.
  • practice mindfulness.
  • select a quiet and relaxing place in home to reflect on your inner self.
  • develop self confidence and practice assertive skills.
  • set goals according to your needs, and develop motivation and a strong will to achieve them.
  • keep company of people who are self motivated and self driven, who have a happy outlook of life.
  • take a journey of self exploration.

It is very important for us to know ourselves, our faults, and assets, to talk to ourselves intelligently, and to get along with one’s own self.

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